November 06, 2016

Why The Need For Glyconutrients?

Everyone, without exception, require glyconutrients. This is because all our 600 trillion cells need sufficient fuels to communicate between themselves and with other organisms in the body. But more than the need to communicate at the cellular level is the need to keep the body functional. There are various areas of the body's system where these nutrients play vital roles. Aging for one. 

In various studies, it was established that the lack of sufficient nutrients, among them glyconutrients, lead to elevated chances of developing chronic conditions that normally appear during old age. However, this does not always hold true. In recent years, many conditions whose symptoms set off during adulthood have been witnessed to have affected even very young people. Case in point: Adult-onset diabetes, which is a disease that is no longer exclusive among adults. Data suggests that there is a constant rise in the incidence of adult-onset diabetes among children. The same holds true with other chronic conditions. 

There are, of course, reasons to why trends in health and diseases have changed. The recent years had been marked by drastic changes in food consumption and the nature of the foods that are available in the market. Genetic engineering, shelf life enhancement, use of chemicals, changes in the chemical composition of the soil, among others have all contributed to the deterioration of the nutrients that should be present in our daily diet. Coupled by our relatively hostile environments, we are at higher risks of developing into less healthier individuals and therefore prone to faster aging process despite the advancements in the field of cosmetics. 

Delaying the process of aging is no longer something that is unreal, though. Through practicing healthy living, the processes that combine to accelerate aging are prevented. Having balanced and fortified diet is also crucial in preventing the onset of the symptoms of aging. Recent research in biochemistry has also revealed that the addition of glyconutrients into our daily can support the body against elements that can speed up the process of degeneration. 

In addition, glyconutrition can be of great help for very active individuals like athletes. These people always need to be at the top of their games and cannot afford prolonged recovery time after physically taxing activities. By regularly including glyconutrients into one's daily diet, especially the eight most essential types which include glucose, fructose, and mannose, faster tissue repair mechanism is possible so is lesser vulnerability towards infections and tissue damage. 

Rising prevalence of chronic, autoimmune, and degenerative diseases among children greatly emphasizes their need for extra immune system boost. Many serious conditions like asthma, diabetes, cancer, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have reached epidemic proportions in the recent years. Current evidence suggests that these diseases can be traced back to poor nutrition as well as the diminished capacity of the individual cells to communicate with each other. It is good to note that glyconutrients have properties that can improve cell to cell communication, which makes each cell function at their best possible capacity. This translates to more efficient bodily functions as well as healthier immune system that can easily fend off substances and microorganisms that develop into diseases. 

The bottom line is, supplementation of glyconutrients provide the body with the raw materials it needs to function optimally, to maintain its health, and to sustain its functions beyond old age. 

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