November 04, 2016

The Essence of a Bulga Handbag

The makings of a woman brought designer Natalia Konovalova to the love and eventually study of fashion since her childhood which was backed by the inspiration of her mother. She came to the United States to begin a modeling career after winning the Princess Kazulkum beauty contest. The introduction of the fashion industry finally showed her a means of expression and creativity. Natalia graduated with a degree in women’s fashion after four years in the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Having realized the market’s saturation of expensive handbags bearing the imitation of a handmade craft, she took the chance, initially under the name Kono Valova. However, she wanted a name that fit her inspiration for her line of bags. And the Bulga handbag was born brought together by her tailoring expertise and a fresh eye for fashion. Literally translated, Bulga is Latin for leather bag which Natalia encountered when looking at old town names of her home country.

Made for the confident and independent woman, the Bulga handbag evokes sophistication, art, culture and fun with an attitude. With leather as the mainstay and a favorite of Natalia’s, the Bulga handbags remain steady with ageless elegant forms. The collection revolves around a palette that includes white, fuchsia, safari yellow, purple, taupe, teal, and yellow sand. Natalia often keeps the fun feminine accents or interesting logos within the bags’ interior fabric linings. While keeping the edge of rock and roll, the frequent fringe, leather tassels, studs and hardware are gloriously merged with well- tailored leather fabric. Fortunately, practical room space is not forgotten in the whole collection varying from a large carry-all tote, a gusseted base, and even a wide crescent. All of which comes together in the sleek, chic sense and still attainable price of a Bulga handbag.

The Bulga collection is now dubbed as one of the “it bags” of today’s fashion as supported by interests of top female celebrities. The increase in audience is also seen in a good number of features in major fashion magazines and the title of “Bag of the Moment” given by People Magazine.

The Bulga handbag, though well crafted, is merely the beginning of Natalia Konovalova’s dreams. This young designer is smart to start small and slow in hopes of raising the name into a full clothing line for women that would stand among the likes of Gucci. Until then, Natalia will continue to create for the essence of a woman and the need for expression.
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