November 03, 2016

Picking a Name Before Your Pregnancy Ends

Choosing a name is one of the most important things you'll have to decide on during your pregnancy.  Pick a name that your child is going to love, not something he/she will hate or be made fun of. There are a lot of things to consider when naming your child.

The origin of a name can help you pick out what name you like best, this also adds a piece of history to your child. Giving your son/daughter an Italian name because their great grandfather originally came over from Sicily will mean a lot to the family. Not to mention your child will always know theyíre Italian. This doesnít mean you can only choose names that go with your heritage, there may be a name out there that belongs to your child that isnít. 

The Sound of the Name:
Names can be hard to pronounce sometimes, not just for other people but for your child as well. Donít choose a name you have a hard enough time saying, imagine how hard itíll be for your own child to learn. The spelling can also be a cause for concern. Your child must learn how to spell his/her name, you donít want a name that has over 20 letters long. Do you think youíd be able to learn to spell that in kindergarten? Think about your child first, sure the name might sound great but make sure it isnít something that is going to be really hard. This doesnít mean donít choose a name that is unique, that is what makes your child stand out. But make sure that is what you really want. 

Meaning can be another factor when choosing a name, learn what that name means before you pick it. You might want something that means something dear to you. My daughterís name means pure hope, I thought it was a lovely gesture and it sounded beautiful. Think about choosing a positive meaning for your child, this is the first thing that will be associated with him/her the moment he/she is born. 

Gender names
Gender naming is another important issue. Think about if the name sounds like a boyís name or a girlís name. There are names that can go either way such as Sam, Erin or Angel. 

When picking out a name, donít forget that your child may end up being called by a nickname because of the name you have chosen. If this is something you donít want, try picking a name that canít be shortened. But donít be surprised if it happens anyways. If you donít mind, try picking out a name thatíll have a nickname you enjoy. 

Last but certainly not least, remember children can be cruel think about the initials your child will have. You donít want something that itís initials mean something else. You want your child to be proud of his/her name. Not everyone is going to like the name you have chosen for your child, but as long as it is something you like, your child will like it too. 

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